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Weight Loss Detox Program

Weight Loss Detox Program

The weight loss detox program is a complete detox package that focuses on assisting with weight loss, metabolism and the endocrine system. It comes with the comprehensive and complete detox health basket, additional weight loss herbal tonic, organic stevia herbs, daily ozone therapy, daily self-administered colonics, daily massage with choice of aroma oil and cellulite, and the additional day of liver flush. All this plus full access throughout the program to the daily morning yoga class, steam room, fitness room, relaxation devices, lymphasizing trampoline, polarity zappers and vibrational blood cleansing machines.

The weight loss detox program also includes accommodation in a Standard Air-conditioned Room containing balcony, hot water shower and free wifi access with either 2 x single beds or 1 x queen/king bed.

 Standard A/C Room  Detox Health Basket  Daily Colonics
 Daily Yoga Class  Health Devices & Facilities  Liver Flush
 Weight Loss Herbs & Stevia  Daily Ozone Therapy  Cellulite/Aroma Massage

We understand the importance of high quality liquid and therapeutic grade products during a fasting detox health program. Our comprehensive and complete detox health basket included in the weight loss detox program features the following herbs, supplements, tonics and health items. For a more detailed description and the benefits see HERE.

  • HEAL Detox Herbal Tonic
  • Psyllium Powder
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Liquid Chlorophyll
  • Female/Male Herbal Tonic
  • Spirulina Superfood
  • Special Weight Loss Herbs & Stevia
  • Guarana Superfood
  • Oceans Minerals
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Aromatherapy Body Spray
  • H202 Body Spray
  • Skin Brush