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Weight Loss Detox Retreat Reviews and Testimonials

Weight loss detox retreat reviews and testimonials offered from customers after experiencing the positive effects of our fasting detox programs at Health Oasis Resort.

Weight Loss Detox Retreat Reviews happy customer detox spa
Weight Loss Detox Retreat Reviews

A fantastic 1st time detox experience!

Reviewed June 2015

This was my first time staying at the Health Oasis Resort and also my first detox experience. I opted for a 7-day program which more than exceeded my expectations. I left feeling amazing and would love to go back again for the 10 day program in the future. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the induction and support for the detox program was excellent and the daily yoga class/massage really added to the whole transformative experience. It was also great to get to know the other guests during my stay who all supported each other throughout. A huge thank you to everyone at Health Oasis who made my experience such a positive one. I would highly recommend the detox for anyone who is looking to make positive changes to their health, energy and overall well-being.

An experience that changed my life!”

Reviewed June 2015

Visiting Health Oasis Resort is much more than a travel experience! Not only did the place, the accommodation, the facilities, the offered services and the overall organization fully satisfy my expectations but the final outcome of the health and detox retreat really made an unexpected transformation in my internal body and personal insights. All people working in this resort are kind, lovely and focused on their mission to provide a clean, beautiful, friendly and comfortable environment capable to support in the best way the overall experience of detoxing. A reception service ready to help in any kind of requests (e.g. special accommodation needs, transportation, info about the island), internet working as a charm in all places of the resort, massage and yoga courses provided by experienced locals who offer their friendliness and expertise in a seamless way and on top of all, a picturesque establishment and peaceful ambience just by the sea. I suggest a stay in Health Oasis Resort as a “must” at least once in a lifetime. For me it is already noted as a “must” on an annual basis. This experience made me more conscious as a person and more selective as a traveler. If you look for a new transformative experience without compromising your comfort standards, this is the best choice you can have.

The combination of the cleansing, the Yoga, the sea, the extremely accommodating staff. I always feel 10 years younger and so much clearer…… and a good side effect of feeling so good was those 6 kilos I left in Thailand.

Perfect detox location and setting”

Reviewed April 12, 2015

I stayed here from 26/03 – to 05/04. I certainly am a customer that will return in the future. 

Yes, it’s not a 5 star hotel or spa but it is a perfect location and perfect setting for detox. The beach is silent and beautiful, perfect for walks in the morning or evening. I never had problems with a construction or noise. There are beautiful flowers all around, 2 swimming pools and very comfy common area for guests to enjoy.

I had small tiny problem (more like a misunderstanding) with the front desk staff upon arrival, but for the rest of the trip I had zero problem with no one and nothing. The cleaning staff is great and the rice paper rolls in the restaurant are the best I have ever had:)

The detox program was great, I never felt hungry and had plenty energy to do other activities. I also learned from couple people that had tried other spots on the island that this program definitely was the right pick. I like the fact that this program is more designed to go and do it yourself( you get your program, schedule and herbs, but need to make sure you do it yourself, no one will check if you took/did everything in the right time) if you are looking for a program, where everything is catered for you, then this will not be the right spot.

The people I met while there made the whole experience much more enjoyable which I am very grateful for. Thank you Health Oasis for a great detox till next year!!!

Great experience”

Reviewed April 7, 2015

It was my first time on a detox and i found the treatment very complete. The resort in itself is not 5 stars and there was constructions going on during my stay but it didn’t disturb me and didn’t prevent me from meeting great people there including detox patients and health practitioners. On a human point of view it was very positive and i guess i value this more than luxury facilities. Besides i found the blind masseur Suwan truly amazing and the yoga teacher, severe but motivated to put everybody back in shape. I got some abbs in a week thanks to him ! 🙂

Do yourself a favor…”

Reviewed February 6, 2014

If you are a long time faster or exploring the idea for the first time, I would highly recommend the Health Oasis on Koh Samui in Thailand. I have done a cleansing fast every year for 20 years and have found that my favorite place, without a doubt, is the Health Oasis. The combination of the cleansing, the Yoga, the sea, the extremely accommodating staff. I always feel 10 years younger and so much clearer…… and a good side effect of feeling so good was those 6 kilos I left in Thailand. Not the fanciest place (but extremely comfortable), as there are many cleansing resorts in Thailand that will charge you a lot more, I have found the Health Oasis to be a great value with a wonderful result. I did the 10-day total transformation program and hung out for three more days for more yoga, massage and to break my fast. Going back there was like going home; a testament to their Thai hospitality. I always meet the most interesting people there from all over the world, which is another added bonus.

The process of cleansing is something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her life and after 4 very successful visits, I would highly recommend the Health Oasis! Be careful, you may become hooked on feeling so good!! Do yourself a favor. You will not be disappointed.

Weight loss detox retreat reviews
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