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new lounge area health oasis resort samui detox

New lounge area

A new lounge area at Health Oasis Resort has been created and the whole reception area has been recently refurbished. Both the lobby structurally and with new furniture. New sofas, tables, chairs, lamps and much more. It is now a very comfortable place to relax and chill out while enjoying the sea views and the fresh air.

Part of the joy of coming to Health Oasis Resort is simply relaxing and enjoying the view, reading a good book or chatting with the many like minded guests from around the world. This new lounge area makes the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Over the years we have found many guests enjoy spending their time in the reception area so we made the effort to renovate it to a more modern standard.

Renovated gym at Health Oasis Resort detox Samui

Renovated Gym

Our newly renovated gym and fitness room at has been cleaned up, repainted, and beautified by our talented receptionist Elle. While completing a fasting detox we generally don’t recommend strong aerobic exercise. The reason being is that it can create ketones and disturb the blood sugar balance. Stretching, yoga, walking etc are all fine, along with gentle use of the gym equipment.

Movement of the body is actually an important part of the detox program. The lymphatic system is like the garbage dump and removes toxins and filters the blood. Gentle exercise greatly assists this process.

We have also included the use of a rebounder. Many types of exercise are done to target specific muscles or just to increase cardiovascular function. Rebounding is unique since it uses the forces of acceleration and deceleration and can work on every cell in the body in a unique way. There are many studies that show positive benefits, hence we recommend it to all our fasting detox guests.

So when you feel like moving your body while detoxing, this is the place to be.