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What foods to avoid when trying to lose weight?


People often ask, “What foods to avoid when trying to lose weight?” Search on google and you’ll receive a huge list of conflicting information. Avoid this, eat more of that, drink this etc and in the end we often walk away more confused than when we started. At Health Oasis Resort if we could sum it up in one sentence of what you should be eating more of, it would go something like this:

Eat more: Antioxidant rich, nutrient dense, 100% natural plant based food.

So lets break that down bit by bit.

Antioxidant rich

Foods that contain high levels of antioxidants are very useful. They combat inflammation which is the back bone of all disease and also a trigger of weight gain. Some foods to include are purple cabbage, berries of any kind, amla known as indian gooseberries, cloves, turmeric, green tea, and plant based foods of any kind assuming they are not modified from their original state. Learn more here.


Nutrient dense

Food that contains high levels of nutrients and are naturally low in calories are know as nutrient dense. Example are green superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass. Maca powder from the highlands of Peru. Molasses, tahini sesame seed butter, seaweed products like dulse, nuts and seeds, beans and pulses, medicinal mushrooms and of course fruits and veg. See more here.


100% natural plant based

This is more self explanatory, however often easier said than done. It basically means taking plant based foods fresh from the market in their original state, and preparing your meals directly from these. It requires a shift in the way you shop. The majority of packeted food that comes from the supermarket would not fit into this category. Also any food that is from animal origin, i.e. if it had eyes, it comes from an animal. See more about the health benefits of plant based diets here.

In terms of what foods to avoid when trying to lose weight? Specifically?


Well there would be a few foods that we would definitely recommend to avoid:


1: MSG (monosodium glutamate) of any kind or form

How? Read the ingredients. Why? It is one of the quickest methods to fatten up mice and rats of various ages. Give them MSG and they will gain weight. So it goes without saying we should avoid it. Learn more here.

2: Endocrine disrupting foods and products

How? Eat plant based foods and not hormone rich animal foods. Store them in glass not plastic. Prepare them in stainless steel or cast iron and never non stick substances. Check your personal care products. Why? Research has shown your hormones play a huge role in weight gain, by modifying ones diet and lifestyle to remove these disruptors it assist in natural weight loss. Learn more here.

3: Artificial sweeteners of any kind

How? Check the nutritional information on the products you are buying. Why? Research has shown these products in the long term actually contribute to weight gain. Learn more here.