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Health Oasis Restaurant

Health Oasis Restaurant offers a variety of smoothies, juices, breakfast sets, soups, salads and traditional Thai cuisine with the intention to provide nutritious meals before and after your detox program.

The Health Oasis Restaurant offers vegetarian meals that are delicious and packed full of nutrients. We strive to provide fresh local produce that will nourish your body. Our kitchen uses Non GMO, organic when possible and no MSG in the preparation of all our dishes. It is important for us that you have appropriate meals before you start your program as well as nutritive foods for when you finish your program and begin to re-introduce foods back into your diet.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates 

Food is the building blocks to all our cells, it is the materials they need in order to function properly. What we put into our bodies dictates the state of health our cells will be. The importance of our food choices has become so vital in today’s society, especially due to the processing, packaging and adulterating of food that is sold to us on a daily basis. Many researchers and studies are showing that one of the largest contributor to chronic disease and ill health is primarily due to dietary choices. This alarming knowledge has led people to seek healthier options in order to regain their health. The most motivating factor is the knowledge that our choice to take better care of ourselves can start at the next meal.

Our Restaurant is open from 7:00 am – 20:30pm everyday. We also offer cooking classes for those interested in taking a bit of Healthy Thailand back home with you. For more info about our cooking classes feel free to contact us or speak to reception once you arrive.

Please see the PDF for our menu.