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Take a look at our facilities

At Health Oasis Resort we have various facilities and health devices that are available to our guests as part of the Detox Programs. These facilities are offered to help support and facilitate a healing and beneficial detox experience.

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Steam Room

Our large steam room has a blend of natural herbs that fill the air to support detoxification via the skin, which is an important component of our detox programs. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the way it detoxifies is through sweating, opening the pores helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body as well as aids muscle relaxation and lowers blood pressure. This offers a chance for guests to cleanse and detoxify toxins from the inside out.

2 Pools

Health Oasis Resort has 2 pools on the property, which provides a great way to pass your day relaxing around the pool before you next herbal tonic, juice or shake.

Colonic room detox spa samui

Colonic Rooms

Colonics, also known as enemas are a vital component of our detox programs. They assist elimination and removal of toxic waste that is accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract. Our colonic system is a gravity fed system which is the most gentle form for cleansing the colon. We have safely facilitated well over 100,000 colonics over the years and have seen with our extensive experience the value and effectiveness of colonics during a detox program.  All guest rooms can have the colonics set up, however we also have 4 dedicated colonic rooms available. If guests prefer to do their daily colonics in the colonic rooms rather than their private room, then this is an option.

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Fitness Room

We do not encourage strong aerobic exercises during our detox programs due to the risk of it causing imbalances in the blood sugar levels. However gentle exercise is ok and our basic fitness room consists of a few exercise equipments and scales available for the use of our guests.

Lymphasizing Trampoline

Our lymphasizing trampoline supports the lymphatic system which runs all through our body. The lymphatic vessels have no “pump”, unlike the blood; so the gently rhythmic bouncing movement is needed to move lymph throughout the body. This supports drainage and elimination of waste in the lymphatic system.

Relaxation devices Health Oasis Resort

Relaxation Devices

The Relaxation Devices, sometimes known as the Chi Machine, are a whole body relaxation device which loosens the joints, spine & muscles of the body as well as calming the nervous system. Many of our guests fall asleep into a relaxed and blissed state while using the Relaxation Devices.

Polarity Zapping

The Polarity Zapping are health devices available for use during the Detox Programs. The polarity zappers send a frequency throughout the body which aims at disrupting the replication and reproduction of parasites and harmful pathogens that live in the body. It also stimulates the thymus gland which is a key organ in our immune response.

Vibrational Blood Cleansing

The Vibrational Blood Cleansing is a health device used to support circulation. The Vibrational Blood Cleanser transmits a low current that improves circulation by stimulating flow and cleansing of the bloodstream which is essential for detoxification as the blood is our transport system.

Seminar Room

The seminar room is used for group workshops, yoga teacher training courses and for the occasional documentary movie night.

Yoga Sala

The Yoga sala offers the daily morning classes that are available for the guests participating in our detox programs. Our Yoga sala is an open building right in front of the beach that has beautiful views, fresh air and a tranquil atmosphere. What a perfect way to start your day.

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Massage Sala

The Massage sala is open from 11am onwards and is where the daily massages are held (except for Cellulite massage). It is an open building,  so you get to experience the fresh breeze and hear the ocean sounds while you drift away into a relaxing and calm state.