Welll & Welll Club

Welll & Welll Club are project trading names of H.E.A.L International Foundation NV and focus in the development of projects, businesses services & products; that include franchises, joint ventures, affiliations, consultancies, corp services, memberships, web portals, branding of products, trademarks.

Welll Franchises & Joint Ventures

Welll provides opportunities for Entrepreneurs & Businesses interested in setting up a health/healing operation in the fields of: (Health resorts/centers, Health Product trading, Health tours, agencies, Health Training Schools, Employment agencies, Media Firms Health investment & Business Development ventures) or interested in operating a particular health practice within a Resort/center.

Welll Franchises provide specialized information, branding, training, products, global markets, professional staff, and in the case of Joint ventures provide also expansion finance and Joint risk taking.

Both Welll franchises & Joint ventures are available in any of the above fields and interests in any geographical locations

Welll Affiliations Consultancies & Other Corporate Services

Businesses (entrepreneurs and practitioners) in the above mentioned fields even if don't desire or need franchise or joint ventures can derive significant benefits by affiliating their operation with the Welll brand & network for a small price. Also they may request to obtain other specialized services such as web services, marketing services, employment placement/ recruitment, business development, art designing of investment options, family options, training to enhance their scope/depth of existing business or create and identify for a newly establish business.

Welll Agencies

Welll offers for sale (small or large geographical territories) to entrepreneurs or Corporations with experience in the health or travel or sales fields. Those agencies/territories depending in their size and income potential are called Liaison officers, Consulates and Embassies.

They are authorized to sell all Welll and Welll club services & products for commissions & fees. They are also authorized to establish and sell sub agencies within their territory which may be as small as a town as large as a continent.


This is a specialized global portal & search engine for health holidays.
Its purpose is:
a)   To provide quality global information in an extensively wide range of health interests
b)   To provide appealing integrated solutions in the areas of (health holidays, education & training, employment, housing, family options, investment & businesses), targeting primarily the mid range market.

Welll club memberships

These memberships are HEALTH HOLIDAY INVESTMENTS as they contain equal elements of all 3 fields. They are designed to appeal to both individuals/families as well as corporations/ organizations may use in a varies flexible ways as incentives for staff, supplies, customers, clients, members, viewers etc.

Welll Club Costa Rica

Welll Club Costa Rica , a Costa Rican based subsidiary of H.E.A.L International Foundation NV ,has signed in August 18th 2005 a 30 year contract to operate Health Oasis Costa Rica in a property in Manuel Antonio area in Costa Rica. Legal challenges have postponed the project for some time

For all enquiries contact info@healfoundation.com

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